Marketing Software Tools - Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of downloading a software tool? Here are the most common questions...

Do all the software tools run on PC/Mac?

Yes. All of our software will run on PC/Mac. In fact, most of our tools are "browser-based" and so can be accessed on any device with a browser (not just PC and Mac, but even Mobile Phone/iPad/tablet/Linux/etc). .

How can you afford to sell the software for $10?

Firstly, all the tools here were built for our own personal use as marketers, so any extra profits is a "bonus". Second, we have been selling software since 2007 - and have sold over $10 million of software. In each case, we've already more than recouped our costs (and more besides) for each tool. So we decided to put some of our best-selling, most popular tools on one site, at a price no-one could possibly refuse. Finally, here's the main reason: if we price our tools very cheaply, we believe customers will want to buy many tools, so it's a "win win" for everyone. .

How does the money back guarantee work?

It's simple. If you aren't happy with your purchase, just email us your receipt for a full refund. Our guarantee is unconditional, and you can just say "I'm not happy, give me a refund" and we will action it in 1 business day.